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We Are Yorker Chemical Company

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We are the catalysts to your success. A subsidiary of multinational chemical company Yorker Chemicals is a leading name in speciality chemical production. Our customized solutions to enhance the performance of the oil, gas and mining industries. With our world-class chemicals, we answer the challenging needs of O&G operator companies in the process of drilling, cementing, stimulation, production, and enhanced oil recovery applications. We are the leading providers of flotation chemicals and emulsifiers for the mining industry.

We serve the construction chemicals, urethanes, and surfactants industries. Our surfactant division products champion the cause of environment sustainability. Our products serves a range of industrial applications for adhesives, toiletries, emulsions, lubricants, paper, textiles, construction, etc.

With a production capacity of various sizes of reactors and blending tanks, we produce anywhere from 10 to 720,000 MT. We also operate a large alkoxylation capacity of over 720,000 MT and provide our clients with customized additions of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide. Our manufacturing sites are located in the USA, China, Vietnam and Europe. Our state-of-the-art R&D centers operate out of Houston, Texas and Shanghai, China.

Yorker Chemicals offers a host of benefits through the following capabilities
  • Highest standards of safety at manufacturing facilities through DuPont safety management system
  • More than 4000 employees and 100 R&D employees
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution base in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Russia, Africa, South America and the USA
  • 360° solutions – R&D lab to full-scale commercial production
  • R&D support, collaboration and expert consultation by the sharpest minds
  • Preferred partners for toll manufacturing globally
  • Committed towards delivering the best and fastest solutions thereby providing peace of mind to customers

Vision Mission & Values

Our Vision

To build and establish a respected brand name globally with a focus on North and South America, the Middle East and Asia market. We strive to be the biggest brand name in oilfield chemicals with a strong commitment towards innovation and manufacturing support.

Our Mission

To build and expand the market of Yorker Chemical Company (a subsidiary of multinational chemical company) globally, mainly in the oil and gas sector: develop the brand name: establish and grow the market by 20% every year. We are committed to delivering environmentally sustainable innovative chemical solutions to our customers at a better cost and quality backed up by state-of-the-art R&D, process know-how and world-scale manufacturing facilities.

Our Values

Management Team

The Yorker Chemical Company is managed by experienced technical people with a strong know-how in oilfield chemicals. The top management of the company has more than 10 years of experience in working for multinational chemical and oil and gas service companies. The leadership of Yorker Chemical Company is well respected in the industry.

Yorker chemical company is an innovative company with most of the people working in R&D and has more than 10 years of experience working for major chemical and/or O&G service companies. The key scientists of Yorker Chemical Company have authored more than 10 USPTO applications. The parent company of Yorker Chemical Company has strong R&D based in Shanghai with more than 100 R&D personnel and track record of filing more than 50 patent applications every year. We have seven manufacturing bases in China and few blending and toll facilities in Vietnam and the USA.


At Yorker Chemicals, we consider ourselves responsible for the well-being of our community. With this spirit, we strive to contribute towards a thriving environment for all members of the community. To enable this, we drive various social campaigns to spearhead the cause of environment and improved healthcare. We believe that children are the future of any community and hence actively invest in their growth and rehabilitation.

Our corporate social responsibility initiatives include environmental protection activities such as regular tree plantation drives, reduced printing of paper and water conservation at all our offices. We run an ongoing campaign to raise funds for improving the lives of autistic children and carry on frequent blood donation drives. In order to provide opportunities for health and social growth to our stakeholders, all our R&D units and manufacturing facilities in China have health and gymnastic clubs on campus.


  • Based on the ISO9001 system
    • We have passed the ISO14001 environmental management system
  • OHSAS18001 occupational health safety management system certification
  • CTC of Chinese construction material system certification in 2008

Interesting Facts

Our numbers
million MT
Manufacturing Capacity
Global IP Every Year
Served Clients Globally
MT of Alkoxylated Products Largest alkoxylation company in China